learns fast, but can be lazy and become easily irritated. but get to know them and you can quickly build a good relationship.
"That Henley can be a couch potato"
by @TEC September 2, 2009
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Henley is a sweet man. He tends not to express his emotions very much but that is his charm as he expresses it in several other ways such as song lyrics, actions and show/movie references. He may get misunderstood for what he says but in his hearts of hearts he's a very caring, mature, calm and collected person. Being funny for him is easy as he is very witty. Henley makes some amazing original jokes that should be noted down! He needs to know that no matter what he is valued and appreciated for being a man that can be honest and strong in tough situations. Also a man that has great morals. Overall, Henley is an amazing human being and a complete delight to all the senses.
Oh woes me , I love Henley.
Please marry me Henley
by Fwefwe January 11, 2019
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Anyone named Henley is a bad bitch that will ONLY spit facts 😳
“omg, it’s HENLEY, i hope she can tell if my marriage will work!!!”
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A curvy , sexy girl. who also loves to give head. she has no gag reflex . She also always wears sexy high heeled boots. She has black people hair , its a beautiful blonde shade, and she uses ghetto black people hair stuff. She loves to flirt with guys and girls cause she thinks shes the shit. Also , she only dates older guys , cause she looks older. Id fuck her
guy 1: did you see that girl?
guy 2: thats totally a {henley}
guy 1: shes hot
guy 2: yeah she has no gag reflex.
by fuckinglovely November 9, 2011
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1. (n.) the unobtainable dream
2. (n.) a prestigious regatta held in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England starting in 1839 through present day
Dude we just won HENLEY!!!! HELL YEA!!!!!
by kait May 20, 2006
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the clothing of the rich chav/ british jock/prep...the UK equivilant of abercrombie and fitch
Guy 1-who are they trying to fool, with their gelled hair,henleys t-shirts and swagger-walk?everyone can see theyre just chavs with money...

Guy 2-i know tell me about it...
by jay31189 March 6, 2011
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