A term used amongst the LGBTQ community to describe males (typically gay) with the face of a twink (boyish-looking, pretty) but the body of a hunk (muscular, jocky)
Person 1: Did you see that guy at the gym? When I first saw his pretty face I thought he was a twink, then I saw his body and damn he was muscular.

Person 2: Yeah he was giving twunk energy.
by peakix January 17, 2023
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Age and face of a twink + the body of a hunk = twunk
by jvho November 2, 2022
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n. past tense of "twink", a has-been "twink". Gay American slang. Negative connotation.

1) A late 20s early 30s gay male who still dresses and behaves in an immature and age-inappropriate manner.
Girl, John is a total twunk! He's almost thirty and still wearing American Eagle, A&F cologne, and thinks that his eating disorder is a substitute for exercise!
by smartdogg May 28, 2011
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A hybrid musical genre originating in Manchester, England blending the twee melodies and lyrics of folk and contemporary bands such as Belle & Sebastian, with the incisive aggression of noise-pop punk groups such as Erase Errata and The Platinum Spires.

Anticipated Future Directions:
Twunk Rock

Twunk musicians are a peaceable folk, interested in all manner of crafts and haberdashery and can often be found milling around in large social gatherings outside branches of Hobbeycraft at weekends.
"The Bobbed Haired Bandits are the best new twunk band in Britain"
by The Office Misfits December 19, 2006
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Like a twink, but with a bit of a belly.
After partying tons in college, Jake graduated to twunk status.
by thewowza36 April 4, 2020
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An alteration of 'twunt' (a cross between the words twat and cunt) used by the mentally challenged.
mentally challenged: you're such a twunk.
you: hah, you cant even say it right.
by ppseuddonymm May 16, 2010
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A young, hunky, muscular attractive homosexual man
that old queen is always on a twunk hunt.
by Blais Marc January 27, 2021
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