A boy from late teens to early twenties with the slim structure of a twink. The primary difference is that they work out a bit and have slim muscle. Alex Henley from skins is a prime example.
Person 1: "Wow, what a twunk!"

Person 2: "Yeah, look at those pecs!"
by bobfilascio June 1, 2019
A young, hunky, muscular attractive homosexual man
that old queen is always on a twunk hunt.
by Blais Marc January 27, 2021
A homosexual term used to describe a young man (usually between 18-25) that has the face of a twink, with the physique of a hunk. Usually a twunk's body is not as "ripped" as a "hunk", but if they went to the gym, the twunk could have the body of a hunk.
That Twunk should either loose some weight and shave all his body hair off to call himself a twink, or go to Planet Fitness to work out and be a full fledged HUNK! He is SO confusing!
by TWUNK90 July 17, 2010
Post-Twink. A gay man who is beyond a twink identity, they may not conform to every standard of twinkness. Alternatively a twunk is a twink hunk.
"Look at that twunk-ass man!"
"Wow, he's so beyond twinkness, how revolutionary"
by Rubblefrompawpatrol April 26, 2022
Ambrose: I'm not a twink, I'm a twunk. A combination of twink, and hunk.
by Amelia42069 February 3, 2019
ok like lets get for real lgbtq+ community ...in the gay realm ..men of all ages that goes by words (bear, twink, otter etc) or not lets make this word evolve from twink 20+ to twunk 30+ :D
wow that Twunk looks more submissive and breedable compared to that Twink.
by Mysterio28 August 21, 2021
Like a twink, but older.
"We were talking in the greenroom about gay categories—bear, cubs—and Levi asked what his type would be. We decided a twink, but older, so we anointed him a 'twunk.'"

- Dan Savage, via Playgirl
by chixemeritus December 22, 2009