possesing such a miniscule member that the only way you can make love to girls is to not be able to break down the walls,(nor raise the roof) but to be able to exhibit the sweetest amount of love, so that the female partaking in intercourse has not yet realized that penetration has occured.
a certain female wants her face slammed in the toilet, and to have her head slammed in a car door, with three golfers hitting her with a hooded five iron while receiving the pizza hut triple stuff crust for 9.99 buffet...... instead of a two inch rich.
by the dirty crew December 22, 2007
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captain two inch is mostly used to describe a male and to mock his two inched penis
me : right captain two inch

some person:shut it ya dildo
by xXscottishXx December 30, 2011
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used as an insult to someone who thinks they have a large penis.
Tyler: Dude, my dick is definitely twice as big as yours.

Jerome: What, your two-inch-punisher?

Tyler: Shut up dude, you no that's a sensitive subject!
by RiMjOb February 10, 2014
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A penis that is so small, it struggles to be over two inches when erect.
Boomer: I just got Sexified! (leaves the room)
Girl: Wow. I just had the worst experience with a two inch grinch. I don't even know if it went in. Maybe an asian would be better?
by morgalope December 2, 2005
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A homosexual male that can't "get it up" enough to fuck his partner. However, these "Two Inch Tanners" don't want more than two inches of you in side of them when he is the fuckeEE and you the fuckeER.
Look at that Two Inch Tanner! We were in bed last night and I had to stop in the middle of our Fuck Session to go by CVS and get some Viagra! He took three to "get it up" and STILL couldn't take my meat up his bung hole!
by Dora Bang August 29, 2012
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Like a gold digger, this person marries for money, but the catch is they have to be old to the point that they only two inches left
Me: Did you see that Amanda from high school married that rich dude with all that money and can only get around in a wheelchair.
Her: I'm thinking that she thinks he has only two inches left.
by Siouxsie Supertramp August 31, 2020
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