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Some one who Twitters so much, you start to get the akward information that should be reserved for only the best of friends (or just kept to yourself).
Jane immediatley Twittered to let us all know about her rancid fart in the elevator. What a Twittiot.
by MoDacious-AltaLoma April 02, 2009
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Twittiot: a person who is a blithering idiot when posting on Twitter.
Me: did you see what the president posted on Twitter?
You: yes, he is a fucking twittiot!
by Joe Riverdale February 03, 2018
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1) Someone who thinks he/she is so self-important that he/she needs to post thoughts on, expecting others to follow them, rather than reaching out directly to others via calling, emailing, texting, etc.
2) One at the forefront of the destruction of communication in which one no longer reaches out to others, instead, one expects others to follow them via postings online.
I don't talk to Monty anymore; he's become a Twittiot in love with himself and his blackberry.
by TheVixster March 04, 2009
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Twitter users who post stupid, snide remarks meant to put others down, but instead wind up illustrating their own vast ignorance. Unfortunately, their stupidity keeps them from realizing just how stupid their twittiotic comments show them to be. Twittiots' favorite targets appear to be humans of darker skin color than their own pasty hue. (However, Twittiocy is not limited to the pasty-hued, or those of U.S. residence.)

Plural: Twittiots

Synonymous with the words and phrases "Ugly American," disgrace, uneducated, "The Weakest Link"
"And the Arab wins Miss America. Classic." - "Pookie," a white male youth in a skater cap commenting on the 2014 crowning of Miss America, Nina Davuluri, who is a U.S. Citizen of Indian ancestry.

A) "India" and those whose ancestors came from India are not "Arabic" or "Arabs." B) The United States is a melting pot, with citizens whose ancestors come from all over the world -- one of the great things about the United States. C) White male in skater hat and hoodie calling himself "Pookie?" Seriously? What a Twittiot.

"All of those people who said nasty things about the new Miss America are Twittiots."

"Not knowing the difference between an Arab and an Indian? What a total Twittiot."

"Saying that the new Miss America isn't a real American because her ancestors came from India? Complete Twittiocy."

Unfortunately, there are too many more examples to cite.
by TheDowager September 16, 2013
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Someone who is clueless about twitter - how to use it, what DM, RT or other Twitter-only acronyms are.
She sent me a message to RT, does that me Return Text...gosh I'm such a Twittiot.
by bigmamapig March 12, 2009
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