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The Oldest Beauty Pageant in America, first televised in the 1950's. Provides thousands of dollars in scholarship to young women ages 18-25 every year. Often put down by feminists and blockheaded men and other members of the populace who don't understand the pageant or know anything about what they're talking about.
Vanessa Williams was crowned the First African American Miss America in 1984; she was replaced by Suzette Charles (the second African American Miss America). Bess Myerson of New York was the First Jewish Miss America, Crowned in 1945.
by ichigoblue September 28, 2006
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Name given to a newly naturalized citizen of the United States, preferably female.
A: Did you hear Carole passed her citizenship exam with flying colors?

B: You mean the new Miss America?
by Ingaling March 31, 2010
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A competiton created in the name of an imaginary country.
Miss America? Do you mean Miss Argentina?
by Detranova July 28, 2003
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A competition that is televised between girls from every state. It is only watched for the swimsuit competion and on fear factor. They dont have talent and we dont care about what they would do to make the world better they ditsy girls with a nice cooch and the black and rican got that caboose.
DAMMIT i dont care if you can spin plates on a stick i wanna see you in a bikini!! MISS NEW YORK all the way!
by prince ingus April 11, 2005
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