10 definitions by Demofisher

Similar to the word ''Demolishing'' but with fishes. Used by the true chads of the gaming world to describe a situation where they completely destroyed someone.
Gamer, Master of Demofishing : I completely demofished that guy.
by Demofisher December 17, 2021
A slang used by pedophiles disguised as minors to attract other minors to groom them.
Pedophile : Hop on ROBLOX
Child : You sick human being.
by Demofisher December 30, 2022
A short sexual intercourse with consent in the span of 10 minutes.
Male : Wanna go for a 10 Minute Sex?
Female : You fucking disgusting lunatic. I'm reporting you to the authorities, you're going on the sex offender list.
by Demofisher December 30, 2022
Lunatics that identify themselves as ''Army'' to receive rough hardcore anal sex from Park Ji-Min. They are scary and dangerous if you see them outside of their shell containing a phone with acess to twitter, they are on a mobility scooter and you should start running if you don't want anal sex....
Lunatic : I am a BTS Army
Sane Human : Who let you out of the hospital?
by Demofisher December 30, 2022
Incels that are absolutely retarded and have no idea that their life is completely meaningless and that they should die. They're so fucking dumb, holy shit i can't believe it. They should not deserve life, i actually am about to kill one. My blood pressure skyrocket whenever i go to someone's house and see on their god damn fucking computer chrome opened. I just can't believe how insane they are. I hope they go to the 9th circle of hell, they are crazy. Anyone who doesn't use chrome, i bless them. Praise the non-brainwashed.
Chrome Users : My whole family was murdered!!!
Firefox User : You should have used Firefox.
by Demofisher December 30, 2022
A terrifying place where common sense cannot be found. The genshin impact players often express their rage agaisnt men on this horrible hellhole.
Person 1 : How's your twitter followers?
Person 2 : How's your social life?
by Demofisher January 1, 2022
Young lunatics that have way too much time to draw rule 34 of their favorite undertale characters. They don't go outside much and skip school to masturbate to their trash undertale porn.
Guy : I saw someone from the Undertale Fanbase outside, unbelievable.
by Demofisher January 2, 2022