kill myself
usually used in a joking manner, not to be taken literal or as a suicidal threat.
Person 1: Hey did you study for the Precalc test today?
Person 2: Ah fuck that's today??
Person 1: Yeah dude, if you didn't study you're literally screwed.
Person 2: shit man, kms!!
by raygillie December 16, 2014
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Use in a joking manner as kill my self you mainly see it over text when someone has messed up or said something wrong
Person: I'll just go KMS

Me: I'll join

Person:see you in hell
by Phancan April 21, 2017
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Slang for "kill myself," usually used in a funny or sarcastic way.
OMG did you see that post?! I'm literally going to kms!
by Sexy poopie stinky fart June 28, 2016
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A feeling an individual receives or has the urge to die, but die humanly/ plainlessly. Usually when facing something they cannot deal with such as sheer stupidity of people or an exam( that they have no idea what their doing), etc..
A: Hello there classmate. How are you?
B:I am feeling swell.
A:You do know we have a chinese oral tomorrow and we cant bring in a script unless it is in chinese characters only.
*end credits*
by Quasaring June 06, 2016
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