A relationship between two people on the social network Twitter. May or may not be involved or even know each other in real life.
I love when @ballzenstein and @bannedlibrary talk about books; they are the cutest twitter couple.
by bannedlibrary October 14, 2013
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has “♣️♥️♣️♥️“ in their twitter handle, posts 5000 pictures of their dads truck, and tweets about how he wants to treat a girl right but fucks over any girl he’s ever been with.
by alyssabj15 December 14, 2017
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has “♣️♥️♣️♥️“ in their twitter handle, posts 5000 pictures of their dads truck, tweets about how they can treat girls right but fucks over every girl they’ve ever been with.
Johnathan Fleming is a twitter cowboy
by alyssabj15 December 14, 2017
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Typically a term used in southern, back-country states (mostly Texas), where a boy dresses and acts like a cowboy even though they live in the middle of town. Boys like this usually flex on girls, and are the fuckboys of the south. To spot a twitter cowboy, look for the paisley button down shirts and mullets. Twitter cowboys periodically post pictures of themselves, their trucks, their political opinions, and the parties they go to on twitter.
Wow that kid over there is kinda hot. Too bad he's a dumbass twitter cowboy with no common sense.
by Freekarl September 20, 2017
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A Twitter creeper likes and/or retweets a person's tweet with rapid-fire succession. Other forms of Twitter creeping is replying and liking or retweeting almost every tweet a person sends out, which can be very uncomfortable.
Jeez, it feels like I can't say anything on Twitter without "John Doe" pouncing on everything I say. He's such a Twitter creeper!
by Rusty Peters August 4, 2016
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Phrase used by people who believe the entire world revolves around Twitter.
Weak and sad comeback used by people on Twitter who are embarrassed after having their stupidity thrown back in their face

Phrase used by Samantha Markle in a sad attempt to classify any person who candidly discusses her on Twitter as a criminal.
“You will find everything in my folder marked ‘Twitter Criminals’”, Samantha Markle

These Twitter criminals are dangerous!

I’m a Twitter criminal yo! Jesse Pinkman/Breaking Bad
by Defining Diva July 26, 2021
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