The event where an individual tweets a lot in a very short space of time about a series of unimportant and seemingly unconnected topics.

(n.b. this occurs often as a result of either caffeine highs, drunk tweeting and extreme boredom/procrastination)
Person 1: hey, did you see twitter last night?
Person 2: No, why?
Person 1: Tom got drunk and had a bad case of twitter-vom last night, it was hilarious.
by weg m January 07, 2013
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People who search through old tweets to uncover racist, sexist or mostly out of context, non politically correct jokes or statements. People who think they're symbols of virtue but are essentially garbage collectors for likes and retweets.
"Peter is a Twitter Vulture, he's searching for old racist tweets on the people he follows"
by Nezhar March 18, 2019
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People who dig through someone's old Tweets just to attempt to ruin that person's career.
Twitter Vulture: I found some interesting tea from ten years ago that can ruin this famous person's career ahahahaha
by cryptofurrency March 17, 2019
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someone who constantly updates their twitter feed, often times with the most random crap
person 1: hey, did you see Jonny's tweet?
person 2: which one? he's such a twitter whore
by februfrog January 02, 2015
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Group of yoshi parodies that are very horny and like to have orgies
Have you seen yoshi Twitter today they are very horny
by Hot mamas December 02, 2020
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Alternative title for the user zilIakamintern on twitter.
Omg zilIakamintern is really the best zillakami stan on twitter”
by zillakamintern May 22, 2021
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