When a female is showing out to be noticed. Also can be negatively denoted to a fast easy woman
by HARdmeatBURriedWELL April 18, 2018
Twirling is an amalgamated word that stands for 'Tired, wired and likely to start shouting.'

It is used to describe someone in an anxious or annoyed state that may or may not have indulged in substance abuse.
It is predominately used for people in an intoxicated state, however is some circumstances it is relevant for someone experiencing high levels of stress and pressure.

Someone who is twirling, should be treated with caution and the best remedy for a twirler (wired, tired, shouter) is a glass of water and a reassuring pat on the back.
Oh watch out there, Pat is twirling, get him off the street before he is arrested

Go easy on the shots or you will be twirling in an hour.

Tis a pity that fella is twirling, I would have scored him if he wasn't.
by RobbiThompson October 14, 2013
When a female known as a crackhead is high on crack.
I saw Nicole last week and she was twirling bad..
by Jonfaulk April 17, 2007
When a girl or a guy sticks two fingers in a pussy and twirls them.
Girl:Have you ever tried twirling?
Other Girl:No
Girl:Ohh my god it feels amazing.
by suckmycunt February 22, 2008
florida slang origanally-made in tampa meaning make fun of
guy: aye, you betta get some new shoes jit before they twirl yo behind

other guy: dang mannn!
by Baby._.K April 9, 2021
Fellatio (most likely by a prostitute) Used in the same context as the word "blowjob."
"Hey baby, I give the best twirl in town. Just 20 bucks."
by djarc July 19, 2004