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Complete and utter euphoria -- absolute bliss for the first hit of the day.

Then, subsequently, trying desperately to recapture that elusive ultimate high, you may find yourself... stealing from your mama; all the while, chasing the dragon in the most spun-out of fiendish, criminal enterprises.

You need some sleep, buddy.
Mr. Hyde is Dr. Jekyll HIGH ON CRACK.

Since we been friends so long,
I'm warning you to hang on to your billfold."

by Cholo Hellamongo October 15, 2006
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Reference to an individual that has just made a blunt error in judgement or is unable to comprehend/relate.
The plumber said he would fix the drain for $250 plus labor, that is ridiculous, he must be High on Crack!
by Tnkwarrior December 12, 2006
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