A quote from the 2006 movie, "Grandma's Boy", where the uber-nerd prodigy J.P. (Joel Moore) reminds the office underlings in a tinny, robot voice "I hate your face"

Is a source of humor for techies everywhere and an inspiration for people thinking about getting metal legs.
Man walks into room, sees fiancee in bed with another man.

"I hate your face!"

Turning, he sneers, "Adios turdnuggets!"
by Ian Akori March 19, 2009
the amount of hatred that is directly connected to sight of the front part of you head. also see: www.ihateyourface.com
your face is jank, i hate your face. if i see your face again i will kick you in the neck
by h-bizzle 5 shizzle February 26, 2005
the extreeme hate of the sight of someone mainly directed to that persons face
i hate your face. everytime you see a person or there face you want to put your fist through it. or you just want to see them hit by a buss.... like my sociology teacher. ex everytime i see his face i have the sudden urge to rip his face off then gouge out his eyes and skull f#%# them
by everettayers October 29, 2008