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n. any person/persons that know what Twitter is or use it personally. Also anyone that votes down on this word is a Twaggot
DudeA: Have you heard about this Twitter shit!?

DudeB: I hear all the sheeple talking bout it but I'm glad I'm still in the 26% of people that don't know what Twitter is.

DudeA: Ya... anyone that knows what it is, is a flaming Twaggot!!!
by DudeA May 06, 2009
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Twat and Faggot mixed together, generally means your a homosexual asshole. And lets be honest with ourselves, who likes them.
John Yip: Hi pat
Pat: Hello, i fingered my ass when i wanked yesterday
John Yip: fucking Twaggot!
by I JI IP IL 4 WI I June 09, 2009
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Penned by Blognigger, a twaggot is a smug, self-congratulatory twitter user who obsessively uses the site to attempt to make witticisms and get closer to genuinely witty people they can vaguely namedrop in conversation. Unfortunately a twaggot can do neither successfully, so their foray into hip media outlets soon comes to a close when they realise they are not interesting or funny.
"@stephenfry This is wonderful!! Warmest greetings from the PPR! After your sojourn you should join us for a picnic...We'll walk on custard!" - Now THAT is a twaggot
by ohgodwhat April 04, 2009
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An amalgamation of twat and faggot which isn't technically offensive but has the same effect as an insult to someone who knows what it means.
You are such a twaggot.
by Danmagnet January 18, 2005
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Mixture of twat and faggot, you usually say this to cunts.
by Swagdodo November 25, 2017
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