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Points Per Reception is the most common rule variation from standard Fantsy Football scoring. It indicates that players earns a point for every catch and skews value towards those players who catch a lot of passes.
Shonn Greene and Legarrette Blount loses a lot of value in PPR leagues because they don't catch a lot of balls.
by The Deuce II September 18, 2011
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"Pre-Palin Republican"

The party of disenchanted Republicans, most of whom were born after 1975, that tried to maintain allegiance to the Republican party during the George W Bush administration despite gathering storm clouds. However, upon the nomination of Sarah Palin for VP in the 2008 election, they finally admitted that the party had been hijacked.

Hallmarks include moderate fiscal conservatism, lack of concern about religious implications of federal legislation, and a gag reflex upon sight of Mike Huckabee, Michelle Bachmann, and/or Glenn Beck.
Dude, I voted for Bush twice but ended up having to vote for Obama in '08. I'm a total PPR and had no other choice.
by halfstrengthgatorade July 21, 2011
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Josh: "Hey, ahve you seen that new Candy Suxxx video?"

Brent: "Nah, I don't watch that stuff. PPRS, ya know?"

Josh: "Agreed."
by Iseymour Yurmums Butt May 14, 2009
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the gang that originated in the heart of el sobrante. flamin hot cheetos were the main tool for vandalism
Everybody reps that PPR 4 LIFE
by Ya Boyy May 09, 2008
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PPR - a place of importance
enough said
Nuts "Hey Pad meet you at PPR"
Pad "Fo' shizzle my nizzle"
by goats anon January 16, 2004
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