Amaya is a great friend, Sometimes crazy, Nice sometimes too, She will kill you if you hurt one of her best friends. Amaya is kinda socially awkward when you first meet her, But then she'll be you're best friend forever, Amaya mostly has a lot of friends but cares about them all, She may be on online games and social media a lot too, But never lose an Amaya.
Amaya: *Walks up to her friends*

Friends: Oh hey Amaya what's up?
by ii.maya1234 November 29, 2017
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Amaya is usually a little insecure about herself, she worries about her looks, her hair, her face, event though no one judges her like that. She has a lot of friends but is only close with a few of them. She has a great sense of humor and is really pretty. Usually into art, singing, or music. Really shy, but once you get to know her shes a really great person. Very adventurous, likes scary things, a dare devil. Not into sports but pretty athletic. Gets along with almost everyone.
Person: Let's sit at Amaya's table today
Other Person: Best idea you ever had!
by LIT_PERSON February 18, 2018
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Someone who is very kind. Also smart. And will never give up you. She is very gorgeous and will say you are too. She can be sassy once u get to know her but will still have your back. Amaya's are rare so never lose her and u will be just fine. She is also Hilarious. Really. I'm serious. NEVER lose her. SERIOUSLY!!
P1: Amaya is so funny
P2: Right she is like my best friend
P1: I never want to lose her cuz she is the best.
by Real-one😘 July 6, 2018
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Amaya is the sweetest thing ever! You will never find someone like her. She can get mad easily, but she still loves you!
Person one: Amaya is so sexy!
Person two: Thats my girlfriend!
Person one: Oh you are so lucky!!
by ffer77 May 24, 2017
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A beautiful girl who doesn’t know how beautiful she is. She is super nice and honest. She deserves to be treated as the queen she is because a person like her is very special.
The sky’s beauty reminds me of Amaya
by John braveheart August 5, 2018
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Prettiest girl you'll ever lay eyes on. She have a beautiful smile that is pure like an angel she is very loyal and an amazing girlfriend. She will always stay true to you
Boy I wish I was an amaya
by rrtyuvggn January 20, 2015
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amaya is a smart girl who doesn't know it. she usually has acne and other parts of her body she hates but just doesn't show it. this also means she has a lot of friends but only close to few and has a hard time sharing her inner thoughts and past. she can also be very funny and she might even seem intimidating but really is sweat once you get to know her. if you ever met an Amaya you should get to know her you will have many inside jokes.
Amaya is so funny.
by aurisxxauris January 19, 2018
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