In Sweden you can either be a "toffel" or "twag" if you decide to hang out with some girl instead of your homies. A "toffel" is someone who spends time with this girl but it's alright because he gets laid. A "twag" is basically the same except this time you dont get laid. Unacceptable simply put.
- Jerry hung out with Mia Khalifa yesterday instead of smoking weed with us..
- Oh damn, what a toffel..
- Nah, fam. He didn't get laid.
- Shit, what a twag!
by TwagHater March 13, 2017
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An insult to be taken lightly.
Twat + Slag = Twag.
Girl one# "Omg that guys about hot"(sarcastically)
*points at an ugly guy*
Girl two# "lol girl your such a twag!!"
by LilMissFear June 4, 2007
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A person who tweaks then becomes a fag
Oh fuck! 0.o hes a twag.
by Grody godie January 12, 2021
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"Man those kids are twags!"

"I know right! So gay!"
by inyourmommy November 8, 2021
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The word twat and fag combined
"Wow joshand billy are really acting like twags right now"
Definition : The word twag is a english slang word for calling someone a twat and a fag, mainly used in a rude speech if trying to offend someone.
by TheMexianBootyMafiaQueen July 26, 2018
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when someone draws nazi sign or a dick on their mates forehead then teabags them with jonnos eyedrops

eg ; bailey mason is a spotty bastard with a dick on his head
by Twag Faggler January 6, 2018
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