a life saver when it comes to smoking marijuana
bong- $60, ounce of dro- $250, Lighter- $1, Munchies- $10, applying eyedrops before confronting parents- priceless.
by chodey paterson June 28, 2008
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The act of looking at another person's Instant Messenger or text messaging conversation. Much like eavesdropping only slightly more annoying. Generally done by parents, younger siblings, nosy friends, etc.
Ahhhh! God! Stop eyedropping on my convo! Stupid sister...
by Steveeeeeeeeee February 6, 2008
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Basically when somebody eavesdrops, reads your messages without you knowing. On Msn, Facebook, etc.
As Sean messaged Jim on facebook, and Jim messaged Sean back, Maya was reading their conversation. Sean found out, and told Maya to stop eyedropping.
by Sean is cool December 15, 2007
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The sexual act of ejaculating in a man/woman's eyeball, specifically using the last remaining drops of semen, aiming for the target's pupils.
1: Dude, I gave my girlfriend a nasty dose of California Eyedrops last night.
2: Nice man!
1. I know, she didn't even see it coming!
by CaliforniaMan August 15, 2010
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When someone comes in ones eyes
Oh i cant see i got sticky eyedrops
by Wozwa112 February 14, 2017
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after the initial ejaculation you use the finishing drops in her eye
tom was haveing sex with katie then he jizzed and she said japanese eyedrop please then he dribbled in her eye
by nathan Gulb and jake Hoog August 24, 2008
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