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A nice lax stick used usually by lax bros with a lot of swag.
"Hey Dude, nice twag you got there"
"Thanks brah, its pretty sick"
by swagmonster22 December 27, 2013
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Tennis wife and girlfriend,
see WAG
created for andy murray's girlfriend, who hangs abotu teh tennis court, Kim Sears
a tennis player's wife or girlfriend (TWAG) who hangs about teh tennis pitch when their boyfriend/husband plays, tennis's answer to football's WAGs
by GS-Cookie-Monster July 15, 2009
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hmmm, a cross between a twat and a slag maybe?!
basically people who can't speak properly just try to make this a real word.
yeah sure it is *rolls eyses at ginger kid*
"cause thats a word"
"yeah well it's my new word"
by Lhiane May 12, 2008
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making fun of someone not in the room to secretly make fun of someone in the room so that said person in room doesn't know
dude! demi is so bad at lacrosse. (when tj is really the one who sucks) and tj is the one in the room. (calvin and jon was just twagging on tj)
by cl&jc December 2, 2011
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A fake thug. Cross between a gangsta and a wanksta
"Yo, you twag. You talk da shit u cant walk da shit u twag"
by Ghost June 17, 2006
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She is a TWAG
by ThatNepaiDude January 6, 2017
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