A moron. Used offensively most of the time.
Person A: What a twag, he thought putting a battery in a blender would be a good idea!
by larkofthesky September 26, 2011
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To call someone a Twag means to call them a Twat and a Slag
by Lozza.17 July 9, 2021
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A semi-mythical female with loose morals who has sexual relations with men while disregarding any emotional or practical consequences on both sides, often in the pursuit of direct or indirect monetary benefit.

This promiscuity is founded upon a false sense of self-regard, glorification and egotism.

I thought she was the one but she turned out to be a twag

There were a lot of girl behaving twaggy at the club

'twag it to the limit'
by Chishiba February 3, 2012
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a cross between a Twat and a Fag
"He is such a Twag"-Lane Smith
by Brennan Schloo May 26, 2004
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A fag that watches Twilight
Ahhh man, did you hear those Twags that think the vampires are sticking to what a vampire should be in that Twatlight movie.
by Klown78 December 11, 2009
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Insult, usually used in conjunction with another word (see example). Twag is a collection of detritus and general shit.
Usage 1: "He is a twag"
Usage 2: "He is a right twag bucket"
by BenA December 17, 2003
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