Dude with a erect penis that shows through his pants or shorts. Often seen in bars and clubs full of hot young women grinding and dancing.
Look at that tusker. The girls are all getting a kick out of rubbing up against it and than going and laughing amongst themselves.
by Gearls April 25, 2008
In the animal kingdom, and older, mature Dominant and sexually desirable male elephant, typically a loner, sought out by young female with mating instincts for breeding .

In human terms, similarly, an older dominant mature & experienced male, typical over 60 years of age, with a high sex drive, being sexually active, actively participating in BDSM, typically having a harem of up to 10 sexually exclusive STD tested fertile & fluid bonding Submissive single females between 19 and 25 years of age.

The tusker is not committed to any one female, often divorced, essentially single, has fathered several children with different females and continues to do so, with a preference for fluid bonding sex with single females under 30 and females under 45 in the committed relationship.
The cuckold’s young wife had tested negative for STD’s, having fallen in love with her chosen tusker she had stopped taking contraception, she insisted her husband watch her enjoying unprotected sex with the tusker.
by Tiger-eye June 25, 2020
The best beer in the world. Brewed only in Kenya.
A cold tusker is the ultimate African experience
by thefirstpulse August 2, 2007
A group of teenager boys around the age of 16-18 when they're near full mature, however are still full of energy and fire.
"You see those boys over there? They're real tuskers!"
by LT boi December 13, 2017
An apt description pertaining to a physically unattractive woman
Donny: hey Bill, Geez man, u sure grossed us all out at the party last weekend when you had your toungue down the throat of that three tusker.
Bill: Yeah, i was really wasted that night...and also the missus wouldn't give me a helmut roll
by ulb remorse November 11, 2009