12 definitions by Gearls

When a group of friends or co-workers draw names out of a hat to decide who has sex with whom at the Christmas party.
I was hoping to draw Susie from accounting for my Secret Santa Sex but I drew Pat from shipping instead. I hope Pat's a girl.
by Gearls December 24, 2008
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Guy who has unprotected Sex with multiple girls (either at the same time or over a period of time) causing multiple births with different mothers. He may or may not be aware of the offspring. Also known as Johnny Seed Spreader
Sarah, you stay away from Josh he is a known Seed Spreader and has at least four babies and that's just the one's I know.
by Gearls October 28, 2008
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When you use anal sex to get a girl moving sexually.
Becky was just laying there like a dead girl so I pulled it out and gave her an Ass Crank. She came to life then. We did it all night mostly with her on top. She came 8 times. A good ass cranking can get a girl started.
by Gearls October 28, 2008
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The Penis, When used to loosen a tighter than normal anal passage.
Becky, used to have a tight butt, until I put the Ass Wedge in there.
by Gearls October 28, 2008
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Susie should stick to beer. She drank so many Cordless Screwdrivers that she is hitting on the Tusker over by the pool table.
by Gearls December 15, 2008
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To sit for hours texting back and forth with one or more people about nothing just for the sake of texting. It is as if you can't stop, you need it, just like crack.
I tried to talk to susie while we were out, but she was so busy crack texting that I left with this guy I met there.
by Gearls April 26, 2008
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To be extremely pissed off. Mad, Mad, Mad.
My girlfriend was as Hot as Fish grease when she walked in the bar and saw that young girl on my lap.
by Gearls January 05, 2009
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