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An Obedience Cage is a cage that can be locked big enough for a human, commonly a commercially available pet cage.

Within BDSM it is used by Dominants as both the home for and punishment of the Submissive.

E.g. In a Male Dominant Master / female submissive scenario:
- The Master would promote the Obedience Cage as the female submissive own domain, where she could go voluntarily when not required by her Master (in which case she would not be locked in and free to come and go withing the greater domain confines) or as a place of punishment (in which case she would be locked in).

- The Obedience Cage is often at the side of and gives direct access to the Master’s bed, the submissive being required to sleep in the cage and locked in a night.

- The Obedience Cage is also used for the purposed of denial and to ensure that a submissive is forced to watch / hear her master entertaining other females in his bed.
The submissive was instructed to crawl into her Obedience Cage and locked, being made to watch her Master with another woman.
by Tiger-eye June 26, 2020
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A term for a particular male sought after by MILF, Hot Wife, Cuckoldrix and the Stag and vixen alike.

A Real Bull is a term for a very experienced male, often within the swinging community, with superior sexual attributes who has sex with numerous females, often more than one female in an evening.

A Real Bull is often a single male, is well hung, intact and virile synonymous with a Breeding Bull. He will usually have a number of females he has regular sex with, rarely if ever used condoms, is not concerned if the female is using contraception, at a Swinging Party a Real Bull may have sex with 4, 5 or more females.

A female is unlikely to insult a Real Bull and ask him to use a condom.
She had waited a long time to be alone in a Hotel room with a Real Bull, despite not using any contraception she couldn’t bring herself to ask him to use a condom.
by Tiger-eye June 26, 2020
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Breeding Bull
Within cattle animal husbandry, a Breeding Bull is a genetically superior male specifically kept for breeding purposes, mating with large numbers of female cattle.

Similarly, within a human, a Breeding Bull is a genetically and sexually superior male that a female would choose to mate with and who is comfortable fathering children with numerous females.

A Breeding Bull is often a BDSM Master being the other male Bull component of Cuckoldery relationship dynamics. Within such a dynamic the female may decide to select a genetically superior Breeding Bull to father her children in preference to the cuckold.

A Cuckoldrix / Vixen may enjoy sexual gratification with any number of bulls, either within an encouraged Stag and vixen relationship dynamic or a humiliations, degradation, and denial Cuckoldery dynamic.

Within the Stag and vixen dynamic, the vixen having a Breeding Bull father her children could be the ultimate sexual turn on for the Stag, deciding on a Breeding Bull would be jointly agreed between the Stag and vixen.

Specific Breeding Bulls or those selected for a breeding party are selected by either the Cuckoldrix alone (with the cuckold typically told just before or after the mating) or the Stag and vixen together.

The Cuckoldrix decided she wanted to start a family, so she called the Breeding Bull she had been seeing and invited him over to her place.
The Cuckoldrix decided she wanted to start a family, so she called the Breeding Bull she had been seeing and invited him over to her place.
by Tiger-eye June 26, 2020
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A Harem Master is a dominant male who maintains a Harem of sexually available young submissive females specifically for his exclusive sexual pleasure, taking steps to ensure the exclusivity, notwithstanding this the females may be bi-sexual with other members of the harem alone.

A Harem Master is often a BDSM Master, exercising both BDSM and sexual dominance over the harem, promoting competition between the females for his attentions and controlling contraception.

Exclusivity may be controlled by various means, not limited to, enforced nudity, collaring, chastity device, Obedience Cage, domain restriction and denial.

The Harem Master, typically maintains a hierarchy within the harem, often with one long term primary female usually having had children by the Harem Master, the females in the harem typically change after 3 to 5 years. At such times as a female is scheduled to leave, the Harem Master will arrange for the female to be married before impregnating her, leaving when she is pregnant.
The Harem Master arranged the marriage of one of his harem before denying her contraception and impregnating her.
by Tiger-eye June 26, 2020
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A BDSM term for a submissive sexually mature but sexually inexperienced young female of legal consensual age, available and wishing to be trained, owned, collared, and caged by an older experienced Tusker male.

Once a Doe has lost her virginity and has been trained will be sexually experience, is likely to be sexually demanding and becoming a Kitten.
The Doe kept her virginity intact, finally prepared to give her cherry to the Tusker she had chose to knelt before naked offering her submission.
by Tiger-eye June 25, 2020
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A 'term' for the addition male within a Stag and vixen dynamic that the Stag & vixen chose to have sex with the Vixen, the Dog is typically chose for his sexual prowess, sexual dominance, solely for the purpose of sexual gratification of the Vixen (having sex & being watched having sex by the Stag) and Stag (watching the Vixen being sexually satisfied by the Dog).

There is NSA association within the Vixen and Dog dynamic, typically the Dog will have sex with numerous other females, often the specific dynamic is transient, however they may become Fuck-buddy.
The stag introduces his vixen to a prospective dog suggesting she might like to have sex with him while he watched.
by Tiger-eye June 25, 2020
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A Milk Cow is a female bovine specifically breed to maximise milk production for human consumption, typical attributes include large udders. The Milk Cow starts to lactate (produces milk) after her first calf and to maintain lactation is breed periodically to produce other calf’s.

A Milk Cow is also a BDSM / Fetish term for a submissive female, typically is a Master / submissive relationship dynamic, who breasts are encouraged to become enlarged by the continual production of milk.
Before her first child the Milk Cow had 34B breasts, 6 months after her first borne she was a 36 DD, when her milk started to dry up after 9 months, she conceived again.
by Tiger-eye June 26, 2020
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