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Turtle heading is when you need to take a shit and it is starting to peer out of your ass. Like a turtle coming out of his shell.
"Hey bro let's move!"
"Hold on a sec I need to take a dump."
"Can't you just hold it?"
"Naw man I'm turtle heading!"
by Hemlok February 15, 2009
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(verb – present participle) The act of experiencing the summit of a crusty turd protruding from your sphincter (a turtle head); to really need a crap
Onlooker: "Why are you walking so strangely?"
Protagonist: "I'm turtle-heading, if I don't find a toilet soon I'm going to purge all over my pants."
by Don de Mookster October 27, 2008
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When you have to take a poo ... Really bad, but don't have access to a bathroom. The poo pokes out of your butthole as you try to sqeeze it back in so you don't shit your pants. Much like the way a turtles head peeks in and out of it's shell.
Often you can tell if one is turtle heading because they will walk funny, from the effort it takes to keep from shitting their pants
Dude1: wow look that guy is walking funny!!
Dude2: hahaha yeah he's definitely turtle heading !!!
by Sexy blonde chick December 31, 2014
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Bro we really need to find a shitter! I've been Turtle Heading for the last 20 minutes! If I don't get there soon Mr. Hankey is gonna come visit.
by RoyalTokes July 07, 2018
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When you lightly push your anus to see if what is coming is just a fart but then you realize it's actually a poop and the tip of the turd begins to come out just like a turtle sticks its head out of its shell to check its surroundings.
Emma: Damn I thought I just had to fart but when I was turtle heading I stained my underwear.
Emily: I told you not to push that hard, now we have to buy you new undies!
by Paytonglaser April 12, 2017
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