The world is in turmoil.The pig flu reached pandemic proportions.
by BlackPohatu November 25, 2016
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A state of complete confusion, uncertainty, disorder and chaos.

Often used to describe the personal lives of accountants and engineers.
Stranger #1: "Jesus, what's wrong with them?"
Stranger #2: "oh they are in turmoil, their lives are like dry handjobs."
by Thenicktionary April 24, 2017
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A flammable state of voidful confusion. Usually inflicted by a friendship crash or crisis. On the verge of combusting. Avoidance of any social interaction, media or materialized, and salitary solace is recommended.
Person1ost: I just.. can't just be enough. I'm covered in turmoil.. I can't be around anything!

It was a matter of time before the turmoil set this plan on fire. It was a disaster.
by 64RAMn October 11, 2018
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What you get when you squeeze a turmite.
I stepped on a lot of turmites, and now my shoes are slippery with turmoil.
by Orthogonal Jones September 7, 2007
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A Other word for Mud "worms live in it"
The worm wiggled through the turmoil
by turmoil May 5, 2007
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This term is widely used by American retailers and politicians to describe the economic situation that crippled most American businesses from the now present Chinese covid 19 virus.
Radio ad: Because of economic turmoil the Auto industry across America has too many new cars and must sell at rock bottom pricing! So bring your $1200 stimulus check .............
by JoeyBomm July 4, 2020
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Severe gastroenteritis resulting in diarrhea and/or vomiting usually resulting in a sick day at work.
Josh Beckett will miss his next start with severe intestinal turmoil.
by Herb.E.Versmells June 25, 2011
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