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being ripped out of a seemingly solid community and foundation for growth. Sometimes self situated, but usually not intentional.
Person1: I've made so many mistakes in my life.
Person2: Yeah.. not many around to help now.
Person1: Geez.. I feel so plucked.

He is no longer welcomed. As Timmy walked away from his depiction of heaven, he only felt plucked. Never to return.
by 64RAMn October 11, 2018

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A beautifully beaming and insightful person that's a ten on a scale of 1-9 but seems quite mentally fragile or struggling. When evaluating and placing a person as a "ten" on a general scale of beauty and intelligence but has past, maybe unresolved, issues. These are very wise, uplifting people to a fault.
Person2: I won't ever fully understand.. but I'm eager to help!
Person1: *deep breath* You're a tenuous. Thanks.
Person2: I'm glad we're friends!
Person2&1: *smiles*

His tenuous glow is blinding everyone of anyone's turmoil.
by 64RAMn October 11, 2018

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The eerie feeling of having your mind rising off ground while an implicit and sinister outcome is readying to drop. A staple symptom of being alone for too long.
Friend: Hey, did Timmy stay home?
Frienemy: Meh. That whack is stuck on his back, suspended.
Frienemy'sFriend: It must be difficult to not look down.. Lol!
by 64RAMn October 12, 2018

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A flammable state of voidful confusion. Usually inflicted by a friendship crash or crisis. On the verge of combusting. Avoidance of any social interaction, media or materialized, and salitary solace is recommended.
Person1ost: I just.. can't just be enough. I'm covered in turmoil.. I can't be around anything!

It was a matter of time before the turmoil set this plan on fire. It was a disaster.
by 64RAMn October 11, 2018

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