Often a baldfaced lie used to sueak out a couple of extra paid days off; employed to extend a long weekend, travel to an out-of-state Wednesday night rock concert, stay in bed all day with a new romantic interest, etc. Most people would rather come to work sick and risk infecting their colleagues than give up an illicitly obtained and healthy day of fun.
"Where is catherine today?"
"I saw her making out with some douche bag Lastnight maybe she took a sick day to get laid"
by Waggon April 9, 2007
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When a person working at an office takes a day of becuase he/she is qoute unqoute "sick". Usually they participate in an activity that is no where near their daily work related tasks.
I gotta take my "sick day" next week.
by Max Smith November 8, 2003
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A sickness which causes the patient to have a day or multiple days off work. Usually contracted by yard staff or drivers. Patients usually display the following symptoms:
- sticky matress
- immense feeling of lazyness
- ability to not give a shit
- ability to let co-workers do their work
- enormous feeling that they are owed a certain amount of sick days a year.
Symptoms can quickly subside if administered a dose of self respect and a small amount of elbow grease.
Where is ........ today? It's okay he is having another sick day.
Has he phoned in?
No, he has texted in though.
by darkfruits1 September 17, 2018
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A day when you go to work sick because you can't afford not to or because no one else can cover for you.
Ugh, I feel like hell.

You should stay home.

Can't afford it. Looks like I'll be working a Sick Day tommorrow.
by flashwildecard December 17, 2012
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An excuse to head to the beach and surf.
Damn, I'm supposed to head to work today and the surf is prime. I better call into work and take a sick day.
by Jerseyjames December 9, 2012
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"The format: three young lads are put in a house for two months trying to catch as many diseases as possible. The producers want them to be infected by nits, lice, flu, sexually-transmitted diseases and warts, rather than things like Aids and cancer which aren't quite as much fun. A doctor will be on hand to ensure they don't get too ill."
-From thecustard.tv
by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog November 14, 2003
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Faking sick so you can stay at home for a day-long solo love-making session.
I'm taking a sick day to re-kindle my lost love with my left hand.
by ?Måt¿ May 12, 2005
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