A burger that tastes like absolute sh*t, but for some reason you still buy them - especially when hammered by alcohol.
McDeez drive-thru.......

McDeez dude: What would you like sir?

Jarrad: Gimme a few of them turdburgers you have there, b*tch.

McDeez dude: That will be $12.50, thank you.

Jarrad: It will be free, or I'll eat your whole f*cking family. We straight?

McDeez dude: Well, I'm not.

Jarrad: ...You on a break soon?
by Kevin.Moore May 22, 2010
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a person who is a retard.And burger is funny
"hey there tardburger!"
by Emo December 25, 2003
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A shit thats so big it breaks the surface of the toilet water
dude, that shit's so big, theres more out of the water then in.
Yer dude, it's a proper turdburg!!
by sgt.skin November 27, 2009
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1)a piece of feces put between to slices of bread or buns
2)an insult
Person: shut up you turdburger
by Rachel Anne December 24, 2006
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When somebody takes a shit so large that the top of it is higher than the toilet water.
Hey Joe!!! check out this turdburg, No Way a plunger's getting that out!!!
Damn!!! it's been there so long, its been growing moss!!!
by buckeyeoh September 16, 2014
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A burger consisting of a bun and a turd, hence the term: turdburger
Deevo: "Hey guys! I had 3 turdburgers for lunch!"
by i seek the truth! March 18, 2003
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Burger made to an inferior standard.
See - McDonalds
by schteve April 3, 2003
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