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A shit thats so big it breaks the surface of the toilet water
dude, that shit's so big, theres more out of the water then in.
Yer dude, it's a proper turdburg!!
by November 26, 2009
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When there is so much excrement in the toilet that it rises above the water level, resembling an ice burg, only this bitch is made of shit.
"Hey, go look at that turd burg I just left in the shitter"
by Sarge25 May 15, 2008
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When somebody takes a shit so large that the top of it is higher than the toilet water.
Hey Joe!!! check out this turdburg, No Way a plunger's getting that out!!!
Damn!!! it's been there so long, its been growing moss!!!
by buckeyeoh September 16, 2014
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