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The art of masturbating by looping a rope overhead, attaching one end to your junk and then pulling on the other. Mimicking the sound of a tugboat's airhorn throughout is recommended for maximum enjoyment.
I heard accountants jerk off so often that they have to go tugboating just to keep it interesting.
by Captain_Solo98 October 22, 2018
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Like the motorboat, the tugboat is the act of sticking ones face into the crevice of someone else and shaking your face back and forth. Only instead of the breasts it is in the buttocks.
Guy 1: You know Maria?
Guy 2: Big Booty Maria?
Guy 1: YEAH!
Guy 2: YEAH!
Guy 1: I was Tugboating dat' ass laaast NIGHT!
Guy 2: Respect.
by Mr. The Saint March 01, 2012
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The act of one gay male pressing his face into another gay mans buttocks and shaking his face left to right in an erratic way.
Waco - Our Waiter sure does have a nice ass...

Mariano - Damn, I sure would like to tug boat that!

Waco - Tug Boating for you tonight!

Mariano - or hopefully an alligator fuckhouse
by HomoNinja! August 16, 2011
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The act of masterbation to a man whilst he is walking. Tug boating
Hey Ash, Would you mind tug boating me down the street since it's dark?

Sure, I have no beef with that. Don't worry my tug boating skills have excelled since the last late night walk we had.
by JB YO January 18, 2011
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The art of getting a handjob from your girlfriend while stuffing your face into her titties in a motorboating fashion.
I love it when Rachel and I go Tug Boating!!!
by RicksRubicon December 04, 2008
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