The process of, while penetrating a partner from behind (Either anally or vaginally), reaching around and playing with his/her genitalia.
Contrary to popular belief, not only a homosexual act.
A couple buddies of mine have a late-nite radio show called "Fast Eddie and the Reacharound".
by Der Capitan February 8, 2004
When your partner gives you a handjob from behind.
"Wow. It sounds like you had a tough day at work honey. How 'bout a reacharound?"
by Mosi June 24, 2003
That service one provides while fucking you up the ass.
Nathan fucks his drivers without the courtesy of a reacharound.
by coastworm November 2, 2003
a homesexual activity in which the person doing them gives them a handjob
Gay peole love getting a reacharound
by Pat October 13, 2003
A driving maneuver where a tail-gater moves from left to right to ensure he/she is visible in all of your mirrors.
As if tailgating wasnt bad enough, this idiot is giving me a reacharound!
by willyman82 February 9, 2010
The act during a MMF threesome in which a man reaches around another man in a Mitchell-like maneuver and grabs the other man's penis.
Mitch gave Fred the ole' reacharound while they weren't pleasuring the girl that they double-teamed.
by Enrique February 28, 2005
A game that wich only man can play. Where you throw a ball is throw'in behind your back to another person. Quit like the flow of atoms.
The guys played reacharound for hours!
by Micheal Saul June 18, 2006