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An un-attractive girl that attractive girls often surround themselves with.

The mutually beneficial arrangement allows the attractive girl to have menial tasks performed for her, and make herself look more beautiful by comparison. The unattractive companion(s) get to pick up the higher quality male scraps the attractive girl draws in.

Named after a long, graceful ocean liner surrounded by several ugly, short, tugboats as she enters harbor.
"You see that corker over there? I don't stand a chance with her, but I could probably nail one of her tugboats without too much effort"
by GP the Guineapig September 18, 2006

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Excessive excitement, typically about something of little actual worth. Mostly used in the world of extreme sports, notably surfing.
"We held a contest in absolute epic conditions, the crowd was frothing that Kelly won on a 6'2 board."
by GP the Guineapig April 11, 2006

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