Another way of saying "Come at me bitch."
"Ya? Fucking try me." She said to Jessie
by I wanna be ur wifey... for lif December 18, 2016
Try me fucker
Try me. I am stronger than ever and stronger than you ever will be
If you fuck around with me ever again watch out because I have a fucking power in me that can Destroy you. So I would rather not mess with me. Or you may find yourself waking up to have a testicle and 3 times less the fucking trash talk you have now. Touch my friends and family and I will rip you to shreads you fucking demented leprechaun
by PurpleStarr January 29, 2019
Has the same meaning as "give me a reason to show what I can do"

Used a thousand times in LOST Tv series.
-- You are too weak to confront us.
-- Try me.
by Notgurev October 8, 2016
To try someone is to test their patience, intelligence, and/or worth. In other words, you're testing their limitations in a way that's deemed offensive and/or antagonizing.
“That bitch tried me when she touched my stuff.”
“Hoes stay be trying me.”
“Girl, stop trying me.”
“These kids be trying me when they talk mess.”
by muggmuffin October 17, 2019
another way of saying "give me a chance" or "let me know what's on your mind".
Holly: "hi hun, you seem upset, what's wrong?"

Rob: "ah, nothin' really... you probably wouldn't wanna hear about anyway."

Holly: "oh yeah? try me, babe...."
by Holly July 9, 2005
When you want to fight, but want a reason to fight also
ME: Try me again and ima swing!
Alex: Dont you wish this black boy would leave(tried me)
by Ghetto Professor March 12, 2017
someone is just trying to fucking try you, it pretty means to fight somebody.
by o idk my pseudonym June 2, 2020