12 definitions by PurpleStarr

I would love to fucking love to put a bullet through your dirty irish fucking mouth

What gives you the fucking right to judge others you cock sucking stalking son of a bitch.

Go fix your fucking self before screwing around with others AND stalking innocent people.

You might want to fucking swallow some turd shit and grow some balls Beau

How many fucking years of stalking
Fuck you and i would fucking love to chargr a bullet right through your forehead
Bullet through your brain because you are a fucking menace to society!
by PurpleStarr January 29, 2019
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I don't do crushes.

I love

So go fuck yourself asshole
Beau needs to crush his stupidity before it gets him killed by a community of beautiful souls who essentially want his soul axed
by PurpleStarr August 21, 2017
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Beau is a fucking obese dick
Beau is a fucking obese dick
by PurpleStarr November 05, 2017
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But you have a lot to learn about life. Actually ~ I know you won't ever learn because you weren't born with the spiritual, intellectual and philosophical capacity to understand anything more than the shallow nature of your being reflected in everything else in the universe.
Be blessed Beau. You died a long time ago, when you gave into your disease. It was a choice ~ not an unfortunate sentence. You chose your offence and your dues.
by PurpleStarr August 14, 2017
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How stupid could you have been... to have met an angel

And burnt her wings

Are you completely mentally insane?

We above are wondering how you were so stupid for you had the universe in your embrace.

But you chose to blow your entire future.

Despicable human

You will never live in peace
by PurpleStarr July 21, 2017
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