Inclined to believe or confide readily; full of trust.
"Stants came by to tell me she is the least trustful person on the face of the planet"
by eating crow September 26, 2011
Trust trust is stronger than normal trust. Almost like saying “do you like or do you like like them”
Selena: Hey im back!
Tyler: *silence*
Selena: Hey?

Tyler: I said hey

Selena: No you didn’t, it was silent the whole time!

Tyler: I pinky promise I said welcome back

Selena: Alright I trust trust you 🙂
by KrimsonStarr May 29, 2021
TRUST is what you expect from people close to you, give everyone you know a lighter , now cover yourself in gasoline...
Do you TRUST the people close to you ?
by jpg3 August 7, 2011
Used like 'believe me' or 'take my word for it'.

generally used when your trying to say something that wouldnt normally be believed or want to emphasise it.
That's some good stuff man, trust.

You sure about this?
by Vyper April 2, 2005
Trust is what a couple have to have in order to be in love. To be in love u have to know that u are letting him/her a chance to break your heart. But trusting them not too. Keeping them intimate to ur emotions and feelings open up a whole new reason why u absolutely love him .
Telling someone you won't cheat and hurt them, telling them u love them and care for them and telling them about the stuff that got them hurt before and trusting they care enuff to understand and not doing it again to you, is TRUST.
by Partyyyuuuppppp June 30, 2010