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Trumpublican's are NOT considered "republican's" and they are definitely not considered "democrat's", however they do lean more to the right than the left!
by BigChiefTomTom November 18, 2016
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Any voter or U.S. citizen who pleads blind allegiance to Donald Trump regardless how adversely his policies affects them.
Man, Don still supports President Trump even though his wife is about to get deported for not being a legal citizen due to Trump's immigration policies.

I know, he's such a Trumpublican.
by Arty1976 October 20, 2017
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A believer in fables, myths, zombie apocalypse, and alternate realities which are espoused by one attempting to distract others from his inconsequential weenie
A raucous cheer emanated from the red hatted crowd of Trumpublicans as promises untold riches and 40 virgins were promised
by Gobsmacked May 14, 2018
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