Facism, the new combination of facial recognition technology with fascism. You can go wherever you want, but the government knows your every move.
Damn facism, can't go anywhere without being tagged by that machine.
by 2B+ July 20, 2019
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Used to mean an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organizations. Nowadays it is wildly used by social justice warriors and leftists to silence opinions that they disagree with.
Normal College Students: I don’t think it is necessary to put free feminine products in male bathrooms . It’s wasting money.

Social Justice Warriors: shut up you racist sexist misogynistic homophobic white supremacist. Facism and patriarchy can not exist in this campus!
by Iloveguineapig July 19, 2017
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- One of the hardest words to define, an almost meaningless word.

- Usually a government that can best be labeled a "bully" often with strong bonds between government and big corporations.

- Often used to describe the nature of the Nazi government in WW2 Germany, but can also be used to describe modern day United States of America.
Person #1 : "America are the new facists now"
Person #2 : "Arn't all governments facist now?"
Person #1 : "Oh yeah"
Person #3 : "Facism was almost stamped out with the creation of the United States of America, and the subsequent World War 2, where we killed millions of facists, but then George Bush Jnr flushed the Constitution down the toilet..."

enter World War 3....
by Big Poppa Occer July 16, 2009
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Like Racism,but its classified by face,not race and colour.
John:'Hell,i don't like that bitch'
Andy:'Why man? her figure's da bomb'
John:'But look at that face dawg!'
Andy:'Whoa,thats extreme facism dude!'
by Jaks October 27, 2008
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**Spelt wrong as original fascism has become too weak.**

All weak 'lower economic class' are eradicated. Pure and Simple.

All Elite are worshiped. Simple and Pure.
Steel from the poor
Give to the rich!!!

Facism is simple.
by Emp. TK September 29, 2005
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