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A definition coined by recent actions of a news reporter who was caught exposing his penis during a conference call on zoom.

To expose your genitals during a zoom, or any other online video conference call.
Person A: Johnny was toobin during our last zoom call.

Person B: Again? That guy is such a pervert!
by Arty1976 October 19, 2020
An extremely perverted troll on Yahoo answers every question with a metaphor pertaining to his balls. Always list his source to his answers with the word "BALLS" typed like so.
Question: Do you like pie?

Balzsac's answer: Yes, I love it on my "BALLS"!

Source: My sweet "BALLS".
by Arty1976 August 29, 2010
The act in which a person waits until they have to urinate real bad and then proceed to give a man or woman anal sex. During the sexual intercourse, the person giving anal pees in the rcipienbt's butthole up until right before they involuntarily poop it back out with such force that it resembles the water stream that comes out of a powerwasher.
I Detroit powerwashed her walls last night.
by Arty1976 November 7, 2016
Any voter or U.S. citizen who pleads blind allegiance to Donald Trump regardless how adversely his policies affects them.
Man, Don still supports President Trump even though his wife is about to get deported for not being a legal citizen due to Trump's immigration policies.

I know, he's such a Trumpublican.
by Arty1976 October 20, 2017
Twathurt: A term referring to women, feminized males (not necessarily homosexual), or directed towards any individual that one may feel fits the description of previously said labels as a derogatory me. Twathurt, describes when women and feminized males are offended, excessively complain, whimper, and in some cases conduct themselves out of spite.
Example: Why are you so twathurt? I told my neighbor this morning that she needs to either start keeping her dog out of my yard, or I’m going to get animal control to take him to the shelter, she bolted back into her house slamming the door all twathurt.
by Arty1976 October 13, 2015
An oral sexual act, similar to earning Red Wings, which involves a person licking another person’s anus. However, during this act the recipient either sharts or leaves fecal residue on the other person's mouth and/or lips.
So how did your date go last night; did you get in her pants? Yeah, and I earned my Brown Bubble in the process; I'll never do lick another person's butt ever again.
by Arty1976 May 3, 2018
The outline of a woman’s crotch that shows when wearing leggings or tights tight enough to expose the V shape line of her crotch just enough without there being a camel toe.
Person 1: Did you see Alice in the gym today?
Person 2: Yeah, she was looking particularly sexy in her leggings displaying the V-Line
by Arty1976 October 7, 2021