A “Republican” who has abandoned all semblance of conservatism and instead chosen to bow down, sell their souls and be herded into servitude by Donald Trump giving up all Republican ideals in an effort to please their President and spare his wrath. Also a spineless politician afraid to stand up for even his/her own morals and beliefs.

Synonyms: Sheeple, spineless, sell-out, amoral, weak, fearful, racist.
“Mom is it true that the Trumpublicans way back in 2018 failed to stand up to Trump and that’s why we now live underground eating insects and listening to old episodes of Hannity on repeat?”
by Lucidityisathing December 14, 2018
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Any voter or U.S. citizen who pleads blind allegiance to Donald Trump regardless how adversely his policies affects them.
Man, Don still supports President Trump even though his wife is about to get deported for not being a legal citizen due to Trump's immigration policies.

I know, he's such a Trumpublican.
by Arty1976 October 20, 2017
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Those who choose autocracy over democracy in society. Politicians not willing to stand up. Lock step politicians.
who are all these trumpublicans? Are you kidding?
by Craig Ludwig, Holly MacArthur November 22, 2020
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A living shit stain subspecies of Republicans. They enjoy and advocate: Misogyny, Bullying, Conspiracy Theories, Disbelief in Reality, Racism. Greed, White Power, Facism,
by HangTrumpFromTheNeck November 17, 2020
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A believer in fables, myths, zombie apocalypse, and alternate realities which are espoused by one attempting to distract others from his inconsequential weenie
A raucous cheer emanated from the red hatted crowd of Trumpublicans as promises untold riches and 40 virgins were promised
by Gobsmacked March 22, 2018
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An American patriot who believes in freedom, equality, placing America before others. TThey believe in the promise of the Declaration of Independence, that we are all made EQUAL by our Creator, and that must all be TREATED equal under the law. They embrace free thought, we welcome robust debate, and we are not afraid to stand up to the oppressive dictates of political correctness. They support fair trade, low taxes, and fewer job-killing regulations, and we know that America must always have the most powerful military on the face of the Earth.
That Trumpublican wants to save the United States.
by FreedomFirstPatriot October 2, 2022
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Trumpublican's are NOT considered "republican's" and they are definitely not considered "democrat's," however they do lean more to the right than the left!
by BigChiefTomTom November 19, 2016
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