2 definitions by HangTrumpFromTheNeck

A living shit stain subspecies of Republicans. They enjoy and advocate: Misogyny, Bullying, Conspiracy Theories, Disbelief in Reality, Racism. Greed, White Power, Facism,
by HangTrumpFromTheNeck November 17, 2020
1. When you accidentally let a small piece of shit slide out your ass and into public view while trying to hold a pebble shit together.
2. A huge public fail which is easily avoided by 99.9% of people who pay-the-fuck-attention-to-life.
1. Duuuude! Yo, I thought she had look straight and a minute later, a community college dropout came sliding out her shorts!

2. Did you hear that Nikki is a community college dropout?
by HangTrumpFromTheNeck November 26, 2020