A tall life sixed piece of corn that dates people 10 or more years younger than them for publicity. They commonly break out into song and start to sing do you want to build a wall. They have no brain what so ever and are operated by a nutshell in a squirrels ass
by AAAal June 25, 2018
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The sexual act of allowing a Russian man fist your ass like a puppet, so that shit spewes out your mouth.

Often associated with small hands,
-And I know, let me tell you. people have been saying for days, for days! "I like A Trump" It's amazing, terrific, just fantastic. So if you don't. Really? What a bunch of looser!
by Janglid January 20, 2017
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Someone who has no filter and nothing they say makes sense ...usually a old tree stump wth corn string as hair wth a severe case of retardphobia
A Trump : "ice cream butt cheeks r a usual pronominal experience why apples shaped as cars that u drive"
by Braeden morris November 18, 2016
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(1) a worse than worthless object or person; an object or person that holds no value or redeeming qualities whatsoever

(2) low-life, self-righteous human being who makes life a living hell for others

(3) a small portion of human or animal fecal matter; waste excrement
"That car is a trump"
Dude, that guy is a total trump!
by CuervoLives! December 6, 2016
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Someone who clarifys a tweet with a tweet.
The President is such a LOOSER!! Hes been a trump on twitter all day.
by TheRealDonald7 February 20, 2017
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Someone who never stops winning and doesn't give a fuck what people what people think. this is used to describe someone who destroys liberals
Guy 1: dude you see that guy who is standing up for himself over there?

Guy 2: Yeah he's A Trump
by WhosFading June 24, 2018
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Someone that uses his freedom of speech and tends to piss liberals off to no end until they cry in there safe places
Guy 1: “Wow, do you see that liberal pussy crying?”

Guy 2 “Yea, a Trump must have got to him.”
by Moose427 June 24, 2018
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