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To be petty or vindictive, or worse, both at the same time.
Former Governor Perry's commentary on the election for student body president at Texas A&M was utterly trumpish.
by ThierryIsAble March 24, 2017
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Maniacally Narcistic
He so Trumpish that his rearview is turned to show his reflection, he constantly bumps into people in the street because he is looking at his reflection in store windows rather than where he is going.
by TCfromDC February 10, 2017
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When you are a moron, idiot or US american republican and you talk complete bullshit or show a lack of logic behind the things you say.
- bringing arguments to a discussion which are out of context e.g. "Well, I know we have around 12,000 people who are killed each year but do you know what we really should care about? Obama's birth certificate, because this is much more important right now!"
- you blame others which are "worse than you" in order to play down one shitty move of yours e.g. "Yes, we are out of the Paris climate agreement, but we are only have the 2nd largest carbon emission in the world. China is No. 1 here!" and while you say that you completely ignore that the US is in fact No. 1 if one takes the size of the population into account.

The term used in a sentence:

"Wow, that guy has a trumpish way to express himself!"
"This guy is completely trumpish!"
"That's a trumpish way to say that!"
by thecreationist June 03, 2017
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The opposite of compassionate, kind, or polite.
I was driving to the mall, going the speed limit, but the person behind me was in a big hurry and kept blowing his horn. I refused to be bullied into speeding (and possibly getting a ticket). Finally, he zoomed by me, and as he passed, the person in the passenger seat leaned out of his window, flipped me off and yelled, "Learn to drive, you stupid b__tch!" Clearly, he was having a trumpish day.
by CalamityJean November 15, 2016
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Someone or something be arrogant/ ignorant and have odd hair to go along with it
I saw Joe today and he was acting rather trumpish about his Mexican neighbours but honestly above all his pengus was showing in his golf shorts.
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by RageQuitYT October 02, 2016
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to be arrogant, aggressive, arrogant, and sexist
do you see how rude he is to women when he's in a relationship? he's so trumpish.
by ThatSweetQuietGirl July 28, 2016
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To be so stupid or bad at something that other idiots like you more.
He spoke to the crowd in a Trumpish manner. Little did he know they where educated and as a result where not impressed.
by Hyden of Wylie July 26, 2016
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