A word used to describe Donald Trump's temper tantrums, mean bullying, and ballistic retaliation.
A housewife in Baltimore accused Ted Cruz of being a "liar and thief " for stealing credit for her published phrase "Trumper Tantrum", and turning it into Trumpertantrum. One unifying thing about Trump is that he can both ignite and unify the Republican Party in one big brawl.
by mlhiss February 12, 2016
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A temper tantrum thrown by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in front of news cameras, usually accompanied by a lots of butthurt tweets.
Donald threw a Trumpertantrum after losing the Iowa caucuses to Ted Cruz.
by donaldo trumpez February 4, 2016
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When donald trump flips shit because something didn't go his way
Trump: Ted Cruz can't run for president he was born in Canada.
Cruz: Donald stop with all these trumpertantrums you've been having.
by Doovyn February 3, 2016
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the emotional outburst generated by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump when he has a setback or doesn't get his way. This happened when Fox refused to exclude Megyn Kelly as moderator for one of the Presidential Debates, and when he accused Ted Cruz of election-rigging after coming in second place for the Iowa Caucaus. This term was originally attributed to Ted Cruz and does raise some interesting questions regarding the emotional fitness of one candidate to be president. Let's face it, Trump has no emotional filters! How presidential is Trump? The term is a compound word pun on Donald Trump's last name ("Trumper" for "temper") and and "tantrum."

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Question: How does Donald Trump deal with defeat?

Answer: He throws a Trumpertantrum!
by Disillusioned Dem February 4, 2016
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Any type of emotional outburst coming out of Donald Trump's mouth. The Origin of the word comes from Ted Cruz.
"Did you see the news? Donald Trump said Ted Cruz 'stole' Iowa Votes in the 2016 caucus!"

"Don't worry, It's just another one of Donald's trumpertantrum."
by jwigga123 February 5, 2016
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When you don't get your way and you resort to twitter to spout out lies.
No one paid attention to his story about building a wall, so he had a Trumpertantrum and tweeted about how Queen Elizabeth commented on his big hands
by longeye March 11, 2017
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When one is losing during an election and throws an all out social media tempertantrum to try to get his or her way.
I was running for Senior Class President and when I saw the count, I threw an all out trumpertantrum.
by Jb4909 November 4, 2020
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