The act of a person taking a pussy picking it up an eating the whole thing.
You Trump Humped someone so don't say a thing
by TRUMP=SUICIDE November 15, 2016
The action of sexually assaulting married women and than saying that you respect women.
by Memestealingwhore October 10, 2016
To continuously fuck people in the ass, then building emotional walls to shut them out of your life forever.
Johnny wasn't that great of a person, I heard he regularly took part in The Trump Hump
by Harbinger_of_the_Abyss December 9, 2019
When a guy promises a girl great things in bed but all he does is give her 4 quick pumps then he tells her it was the best she ever had and leaves Cheeto fingerprints on her sheets.
He promised my legs would shake but all he gave me was a Trump Hump.
by Kal2731 October 7, 2021
The act of putting cheetos on your partners ass then slapping it creating an orange dust.
Andy was feeling freaky tonight so he decided to give his lover the TRUMP HUMP
by Kabab MAN September 30, 2020
What type of animal does Trump The Hump have on his brainless head?
by 6996 Lover May 29, 2016