1. A communist dictator who tramples on the rights of citizens and demonstrates a notable lack of ethics and morals.
2. A flushable piece of human excrement that is utterly useless.
3. A clueless moron committed to the destruction of Canada and the subversion of all citizens.
4. A pawn of the UN.
5. A blubbering fool who, when not sticking to the script, says very little besides ugh, umm, ah, etc....
6. An idiot who recently switched to drinking water bottles out of, uh, water out of when we have, uh, bottles out of, uh, plastic, sorry, away from plastic towards, uh, paper-like drink-box water bottles sort of things.
Example 1: Josef Stalin was such a Trudeau.
Example 2: That Trudeau Jimmy dropped in the guest bathroom really clogged the toilet.
by VoiceoftheDformed October 20, 2021
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An entitled person who is inept at everything and continuously blames other people for their failures or to hide from their failure and bad decisions.
My manager keeps making mistakes and trudeau’s me for everything so he doesn’t get in trouble.
by January 31, 2021
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A word commonly used by Canadian citizens to replace "bowel movement." Often used in an active sence.
Man, I just had Taco Bell. I need to go drop a Trudeau.
Gross, it smells like Trudeau in here.
by DanTheSatirical September 1, 2021
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A small dick dictator wanna be who throws a tantrum when he doesn’t gets his way.
Don’t be a Trudeau and grow up.
by BlackfaceTrudeau February 18, 2022
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1.the idiot that no Albertan will want to vote for probably because he spends your taxes on a vacation

2.a person you can use to compare things to
OMG this Dial-Up is so useless like Trudeau
by jetty da idiot September 9, 2020
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A sexual act in which one lets another man fuck his wife and apologizes profusely to him the whole time.
"I can't believe Tommy actually pulled the Trudeau with his wife what a pussy."
by El Jeffe McMasterson October 2, 2020
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A hot guy running for a political office. Derived from PM Justin Trudeau, whose ripped body is one of Canada's national treasures.
He is Trudeauing to become the next Premier of Saskatchewan.
by xowe March 31, 2019
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