aye mon, can you tro me tem keys ova tere?
by C. Squab July 27, 2011
An eighth of an ounce (3.5 g) of marijuana.
Hey dawg, whats it gonna take for me to get a tro tonight? I'm lookin' to get croned.
by brandoniscool May 25, 2005
the act of being true, or truth, correct, not wrong.
"chemistry blows"
"Very tro..."
by maninwhite2234 December 9, 2007
The abbreviation for the Washington metropolitan area subway (aka the Metro).
Traffic's a bitch -- take the tro, yo!
by Cousin Eddie July 1, 2005
The guy's TRO. There's no point on taking him to surgery.
by HeffeQue July 13, 2006
tro is slang for metro the car driven by the majority of english males who are 17 and have brought a car for less than £1000
metro owner- 'look theres my tro'
onlooker- 'wow' (unimpressed)
by kel September 22, 2004
the hick/hillbillie's way of saying true. you have to drink a lot of moonshine to say this one
dude i just fucked my cousin and my little sister last night
naw way bro thats so fucking tro! hyuck hyuck!
by Melo_Elephant August 27, 2016