A Texan who can read.
Another Albertan braging that he lives in the best place in the world? Boy, that never gets old!
by OntarioJohn June 5, 2006
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-A Canadian living in or from the province Alberta.
-Albertans are generally really friendly people, who will always smile, wave or say a friendly greeting when passing you on the sidewalk.
-Many Albertans are rednecks, but you'll find that they are proud.
-Many of the population of Albertans drive 4x4s.
-Some people see Albertans as ignorant or racist, but that's just because Alberta isn't as racially diverse as other provinces, such as Ontario.
-Only an Albertan can understand another Albertan. All Albertans have a special bond.
-To them, it's not a 4 wheeler, it's a Quad, only Quad. Though ATV may be acceptable.
-Generally, they don't speak in a very posh manner. Instead of pronouncing their ING words properly, they say "in".
-To sum it up, Albertans are some of the nicest, trustworthy and down to earth people you'll ever know.
-A women zoomed past me on the motorway in her 4x4, giving me a jovial wave and smile as she did so. She must be an Albertan.

- Katie: Tommy is SO cool!
Jim: Why?
Katie: Because he's an Albertan!
Tommy: Hell yeah.

- Albertan: So I took muh quad for a spin the other day..
Person from Ontario: A what?
Albertan: A QUAD!!
Person from Ontario: OH, you mean a four wheeler?

- Albertan: I was cuttin' muh grass the other day, and I almost cut off muh frickin' toe!
by ProudlyAlbertan February 24, 2009
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Albertans are residents of Alberta, Canada. They are generally annoying, driving grossly oversized trucks and bragging about their riches made on the oil field. Albertans don't have bad intentions for the most part, but when they come through your town on vacation, they often get in the way. They are terrible drivers, and for some reason think they are all truckers. They often tow large river boats behind their trucks, and are very inconsiderate of others. When fishing on the riverbank, they like to march in on your spot and act like they run the show. You can always tell an Albertan by their fishing techniques. They cast terribly, come in with all the wrong gear, and often gaff fish in the back.
Meh, whatever. Must be an Albertan.
by redneck125 August 4, 2011
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An Albertan is a scumfuck from Alberta who makes a shit ton of money and still complains about prices. Wouldn't know how to work if someone kicked them in the ass. The maritimers come out and do most of the work and don't get paid as much as the Albertan fuckers. Rude and wouldn't know manners if it punched em in the dick.
"buddy over there's really rude" - maritimer
"he's an Albertan"
by NS_NB_PEI_NFLD November 30, 2015
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Racist assholes with the highest sense of entitlement you could imagine
"I think it's absolutely intolerant of them to tell us how to change our lives and our people. She should go back to her country and try to make her country better."
J.B.(Albertan) after defacing a portrait of Greta Thunberg.
by Never_too_late October 22, 2019
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The word albertane comes from the latin word alabertanamus which means large and important, just kidding! the word albertane comes from the song "Man from Milwaukee." The song is about an alien from Mars who lives in the capital city of Mars Albertane. See you on Albertane the show i mean.
i come from the planet albertane
by jess May 14, 2004
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Those residing in Alberta, Canada. Worst drivers in the world. Unable to handle curves in the road, intersections, hills, and going at least 10 above or below the posted speed limit.
Albertans cannot drive
by -Katie January 1, 2006
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