Troth means a turtle + sloth

It is used on someone who is really slow or is lazy or just doesn't clock quickly
Boy 1: Do yanno that Anaya, girl

Boy 2: Yhyh but she's a troth
by NoneOfYaBusiness8175 December 13, 2018
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"Ghetto talk" substituted for the word truth, true, or used when agreeing with someone.
Dan: Dude, this song is the shit!
Mike: Troth yo.

John: That kid is mad gay son.
Jamal: Troth man.
by blackkkid February 14, 2010
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1. Loyalty when pledged in a solemn agreement or undertaking.
"a token of troth"

2. A inclusive anti-racist heathen organization that stated programs such as heathens againist hate.

3. The United States Army recognizes the Troth as the only heathen base faith that is worthy of being on army dog tags.
The Troth a heathen organization that signed declaration 127 in a stand against racism.
by Odin and all the God of Asgard January 15, 2021
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An extrodinary individual who's Cock is so perfected in length, width, thickness and weight it seems to be the cause of 80 percent of mass orgasms in the UK
'' 'I heard that asian kid down the road has a troth man'

'yeah that hoe we seen him with is in a wheel chair now dude' ''
by Beavermunch1993 July 26, 2008
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A woman who likes to be fucked constantly, probably without a condom, by other dudes.
That bitch goes out every night and leaves with a different guy...what a slop troth.
by ChillGuts October 19, 2010
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A man who enjoys gazing down on other men in the restroom of large facilities with troth style urinals.
Todd strolled into the men's room at Candlestick Park to peruse the selection of trouser snake, what a troth gazer.
by the cake is a lie 83 June 28, 2011
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Exclamation of surprise, usually used in an ironic context.
1. "Upon my troth! Meatballs in my coffee!"

2. "I just got my hand stuck in my back pocket. UPON MY TROTH!"
by Alistair_123 October 01, 2005
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