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When someone responds to a social media post with something that has no relevance but is all about them.
Post: "Who wants to catch up for lunch on Friday?"
Response: "My parents just bought me a $5,000.00 camera and a trip to Nepal for Christmas. The weather is meant to be great there this time of year"

Man you got tronned hard there.
by Seadogelvis November 11, 2015
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To be very stoned.
Zed: Dude, you look megastoned. Have you been smoking bud?
Ted: Yeah, Ed and Ned came over and we got totally tronned!
by rorz758 July 21, 2006
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To be turned off by something. Usually by a male/felmale, or a irrataing event.
" did you see him hit on that hooch? i am totally tronned by him"
by laceylasynaface April 19, 2009
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To be humorously embarrassed or "pwn3d"
That fat guy tronned the bread pudding today, and then we scoop-slammed him
by Thunderboner July 23, 2010
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