Cool person. Though in Star Trek the character is not important, in real life she is very lovely hot, unique (even her name is) and smart. You'll instantly want to become friends with her because of her free flowing personality and her way with words. Though she's not the best singer, her dancing and instrument talents are great. She often has dark brown hair and is tall.
Guy 1: So did you meet that girl, she was smart, pretty and nice!

Guy 2: Yeah! I did meet her, she's such a Troi.

Guy 1: Woah! And I think her name is Troi!
by ElegantLove January 02, 2012
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A worthless person, derived from Star Trek TNG's most worthless character.
Greg: Oh no, Grant is here.
Matt: What a Troi.

Wesley Crusher is a total Troi.
by masterfw May 06, 2009
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Troi Is a male, who doesn't take shit from no one. He is handsome. He has a big cock. He is a beast at everything. He is the popular man on the block. has Big brown eyes. He is a muscular guy. He gets girls everywhere and has lots of hoes.
"Troi makes me feel wet"
by TroizDaBoyz February 17, 2018
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Troi is a wonderful person who cares about everyone.she makes most people's days and loves to give hugs she has a good first impression and she is also a bad bitch who loves others too.
Troi is really sweet
by Who here December 04, 2019
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Sim racing term for when you run off track and have a collision with a wall or barrier.
He was in third position until he troyed it.
by Filthy186 July 11, 2021
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When you steal somebody’s girl. Mainly your bestfriends.
He was Troying all his friends the other night at the movies.
by Arock1916 January 20, 2018
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also known as "God"
Troy: the ancient greek god of erotica

Troy gave me a good time last night
by The last DJ May 18, 2006
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